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Privacy Policy

This policy is valid from 15. April 2021, until further notice.

Who are we

Our site is: Note that the address intentionally redirects to this site.

The platform for our site is provided by Telia Inmics-Nebula. Their privacy statement can be found from

This site provides you with information about the Mad@Work project. Commenting is disabled throughout the site. Only site administrators have an account to the site and only they can publish information on it.

In addition to above, certain pages on this site, accessible only to our pilot users, provide on-line chat for pilot help desk purposes.

What personal information we collect

This site collects anonymous information only. Visitor information is used only for statistical purposes and for that we anonymise visitor IP by setting the last 3 digits to 0. The chat history is used for pilot help desk purposes.

Contact forms

This site does not provide contact forms. If you wish to contact us, please send eMail to madatwork at vtt dot fi.


To manage your cookies, please See Cookie management -section at the bottom of this page.

For anonymous visitors: The site will set only the cookie-consent cookie, which will be retained for 365 days.

For users of the chat functionality (pilot users only): The chat functionality sets a client ID cookie that is kept for six (6) months.

For admin users: The site will set a session cookie that verifies whether your browser supports cookies or not. When you log in the site will set several cookies that store your login- and screen settings. Login settings will expire in 48 hours, while the screen settings expire in 365 days. If you choose “Remember me” option when you log in, the login data will be retained for two weeks. The login-related cookies will be removed at the time you log out. When you publish an article, or modify an existing one, the site will set in a cookie to your browser, which contains the article ID you have modified. This cookie will expire in 24 hours, contains no personal information and it is removed when the browser window is closed.

Content embedded from third parties

Material on this site may contain embedded content (e.g. video, images, articles, etc.). Please note that accessing / browsing embedded content from other sites is equivalent for visiting the third party site and we cannot control how such sites collect or manage your data.

Third party sites can collect information of you, set cookies, embed third party tracking cookies, and monitor your interaction with the embedded content, including tracking your interactions if you have logged in to the site as a user.

In addition to above, the on-line chat for help desk purposes is provided as a service by Crisp ( For their privacy policy, please see


This site uses Google Analytics to gather insight on the site usage, e.g. frequency of visits, time spent on the site, etc. Note that while Google retains IP addresses sent to its analytics engine, we anonymise the visitor IP data by setting the last 3 digits to 0 before sending it to Google Analytics, and we do not store visitor IP addresses.

Whom we share your information with

We will share anonymous visitor information collected from this site with Google (Google Analytics) for site usage analytics purposes. You can disable this functionality with the cookie consent pop-up presented when you first visited this site, or from the Cookie Management -section you can find at the bottom of this page.

For Google Analytics, and other Google privacy policies, please see

We do not share chat history data with third parties.

How long will we retain your information

For anonymous visitors: We will retain the anonymous visitor information until the project is concluded and the site is closed (currently planned for June 2023).

For users of the chat functionality (pilot users only): For information entered to the chat functionality (available only to pilot users) we keep the chat history until the end of the ongoing pilot.

For admin users: Your profile will be retained until the project is concluded and the site is closed (currently planned for June 2023).

Your rights to your data

You may contact us at madatwork at vtt dot fi at any time to

  • request access to your data
  • withdraw your consent at any time and request your account to be deleted within 14 days

Please note that anonymous data is not personal data. Also do note that right to removal of personal data does not apply to data that we are required to maintain in order to carry out site administration, or due to juridical reasons or for data / information security purposes.

If your request or concern is not satisfactorily resolved by us, you may contact VTT’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) at

Seppo Viinikainen
Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy, Koivurannantie 1, 40400 Jyväskylä
eMail: tietosuoja at vtt dot fi

If your request or concern is still not satisfactorily resolved, you may contact your local data protection authority. See: for data protection authorities in the EU.

For anonymous visitors: There is no information to be provided because the data we collect is anonymous.

For users of the chat functionality (pilot users only): We cannot identify individual chat users and hence cannot provide you with your personal chat history. You can access your personal chat history as long as you use the same browser you had when you accessed the chat functionality, and the browser has the client ID cookie set by the Crisp service. However, if the cookie has been removed or expired, or a different browser is used, the personal chat history is no longer accessible for you.

For admin users: You can view and remove your personal data using your admin rights.

Third party processing of your personal information

We do not use third party data processors.

Contact information

For requests or any issues or questions regarding this site, please contact madatwork at vtt dot fi.

Additional information

How do we protect your privacy

We protect your privacy by not collecting nor sharing personal data of you.

Actions in case of a data breach

In case of a data breach we will inform the admin users without delay (at latest within 72 hours of discovery of the breach). Please note that we cannot inform anonymous visitors to this site, or users of the chat functionality, as they are anonymous from our point of view.

Personal information provided by third parties

We do not receive any personal information from third parties.

Automated decision-making and profiling using personal information

We do not use any automated decision making and profiling for this site.

Applicable regulation


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